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Random Chat About Furc


I'm fairly new to Furcadia...most who are expert roleplayers have been there for 3 or more years and here I am only a year and a half into it.  (But I'm not a newbie so I don't randomly waltz into dreams all, "Hi!" lol) I enjoy rping all the same however...but it's gotten kind of dull for me.  Every time I try to have a good roleplay something goes wrong.  Like now, I had my character (Gweneveire Calambadal) get kidnapped and now she "belongs" to Sominus Nexus (that's probably wrong but I'm too lazy to check).  But what do you know?  He hasn't been on for days and I haven't really had the chance to RP with him...so if anyone thinks it sounds fun to be Gwen's "owner" when Som isn't around and you want to get into touch with your dark side, feel free lol

ANYWAYS, I'm not here to advertise...just thought I'd join and try to make friends with fellow rpers on Furc. :)  Hope people are having nice rps!

Time for school! *hugs for all*

Bye for now
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